AresJoxerCupidStrife - Challenges

Real Life Sex
If ---- Wrote Xena/Hercules
Songfic #1
Songfic #2
Songfic #3
Songfic #4
Songfic #5
House of War Rules Olympus
First Time Sex
Hera's Curse
Ares' Wolf Protector
One Liners
Joxer Dream
Strife's Birthday
Pic to Fic
Stud Doubles
Ares' Real Reason
Body Switching
Spoof on Cinderella
Strife in Psyche's Clothing
Hot for Strife
Godly Babies
The Tenth Muse
Valentine Song
Title/Mary Sue
Strife's Children
Slave Gods
Smallville Crossover
Inquisition Goes to Greece
Sky's Cruelty Prophecy
Oh my God! Hercules killed Ares!
Ares, God of... Love?
Joxer in the CIA
Nobody's Fool
Magic Tattoos
Ranma Challenge
Joxer's Godhood
Fake Deaths
Billy Idol
The Challenge Of Ate
The Challenge of Ate: Sequel
First Paragraph
Gods Are Crazy
Sentinel Joxer
The Chronicles of Riddick: Vaako was Cupid
Create Your Own Universe
Merry Gentry Crossover
Ares' Godhood
Strife and Athena: Twins
What The Hell Was That?
Quote Challenge 2
The Power Of Strife's Ass
Quote Challenge
Cosmic Fumble
Joxer, King of The Gods
Morpheus' Daughter
Everyday Challenge
Songfic #6
Beauty Pageant
Pig's Knuckles
He's what...!?
Immortal Joxer
Joxer writing slash...
One Liner Challenge
Ares and Joxer's Child
Plot Bunny X-Over
Love Child
Song Fic #7
Ares' Co-ordination
Hard Core Sex
Joxer and Olympus
BulletProof Marshmellows
Game Show
The Bet Challenge
More Song Challenges
Penis Extention
Underused Characters
Song Fic #8
Dances With Wolves
Myth vs. Show
Harry Potter
The Revelation Challenge
Song Fic #9
Song Fic #10
The Promise
Olympian Style Survivor
Apollo and the Beach Boys
SeaQuest AU
Punk Rock
Save The Poor Plot Bunny
Ares' Wings
Stargate Crossover
I Count The Minutes
Muse Challenge: Erato
Invisible Strife
Voluptas, Daughter of Cupid and Psyche
Fates Decree
Child Cupid
The Dysfunction Challenge
Triplets Challenge #1
Triplets Challenge #2
Who's the Mom?
Take Your Clothes Off
Good Psyche
Cupid or Strife + Pixie Sticks

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