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this idea will not leave my head, so i thought i'd write it down! enjoy!

Title: Little One

Author: PixyDust


Pairings: A/J

Disclaimer: They don’t belong to me. I just take them out and play around with them for a while.

Warnings: I am the creator of this story and as such can make all the characters do whatever I want!

Joxer moaned as he woke up with his lover covering him, he moved and Joxer felt him thrust in and out from where they were still joined. His head fell back as he felt his love kiss and nibble his way down Joxer’s throat, stopping here and there to leave his mark. He took one of Joxer’s still tender nipples into his mouth, sucking fiercely at the succulent flesh, overloading Joxer’s senses and leaving that one to lavish to same attention on other neglected peak.

Joxer caressed every inch of flesh he could reach, wrapping his legs around his lover’s waist, urging him in deeper, moaning as his lover hit that magic spot within him. Joxer’s lips were taken into a possessive kiss as his lover thrust faster into him and Joxer saw flashes of lights as pleasure ripped its way through his body.

The hot flash of liquid filled Joxer as his love growled above him and collapse onto him. He savored the feel of the heavy body pressing his down into the satin covered bed and whimpered at the loss as his love slipped out of him rolled off of him. His love immediately reached for him and hugged him close, cuddling Joxer to him.

“Hmmm.” Was all he could say. His lover laugh.

“So your finally at a lost for words Joxer?” Ares teased as Joxer snuggled into his warmed like a content kitten and fell asleep. Ares wasn’t far behind, and as he fell asleep, with a thought he cleaned them both up.

* * * *

“Ares! I have to get going.” Joxer reminded him from within the circle of his arms.

“You don’t have to go anywhere Joxer. Stay with me for a few more days.” His hands cup and squeezed Joxer’s firm bottom and grinded against him leering, giving clear indication about what they’d be doing.

“Ares!” came out as a groan. Ares was trying to make him stay; changing his mind with kisses and touches. “You’re going to start that war soon and I need to do my job too.”

With one more kiss Joxer was released and he was back on the trail. It was such a beautiful day! Ares had flashed them in close to Xena and Gabrielle and he wanted to catch up with them quickly. He’ll travel with them for a few weeks and be back with Ares afterwards. Life was good.

He finally caught sight of Xena and Gabrielle! “Hey, Xena! Gabrielle! Wait for meeeeeee!” When they turned around they were treated to the sight of Joxer tripping and falling on his face. Gabrielle burst out laughing but stopped at a glare from Xena.

Joxer was already talking as he got up. “Hiya guys! Didya miss me? What have you been doing?”

They went off on their way with a babbling Joxer, answering one question and getting 2 questions in reply.

After 4 days with Xena and Gabby. They had rescued several people and helped an entire village against bandits and Joxer felt all tingly inside. He usually felt a buzz in the background but being around Xena just gave him a tingle! The one thing that had been spoiling this was that he kept throwing up in the afternoon. For the last few days, he had learned to eat a huge breakfast cuz he knew he was going to throw up lunch later on. He wished Ares were here.

Oh well. Joxer went on his tag along trip with Xena and Gabby, not knowing that a little spark of life glowed within him.

* * *

“What!” The dark goddess raged. She smashed and blasted several things that were in the way. Her minion groveled at her feet.

“I’m sorry mistress. I was not diligent enough.” She whimpered as her mistress grabbed her by the neck and shook her like a dog.

“Your sorry?!” she snarled. “Do you understand you incompetent idiot! That little whore of War’s has spawned. Don’t you remember that stupid prophecy? When War takes a Consort, beware, for if a child is conceived then the twilight will be prevented. The fuckin twilight! What I have worked towards my entire existence!” She threw the idiot away from her.

“Mistress, in your wonderful wisdom, surely you’ll find a way to prevent the prophecy from being fulfilled.”

The goddess paced around some more and stopped, a wicked smile lightening her face. “Oh I have a brilliant idea. Listen you idiot! If you mess this up then your dead.” The woman nodded her head and listen with rapped attention.

Chapter 2

“Oh kill me now.” Joxer moaned. He was miserable. His feet hurt and he threw up again. And Gabrielle made fun of him too… sniffle. This has been going on for two weeks now and his tingly feeling is gone. Ares checked up on him, but it was at a non-throw up time and so Joxer was feeling fine then. Now all he wanted was to lie down and a cuddle from Ares. He was so concentrated on his misery, something he shouldn’t do while walking, he tripped and fell, taking Gabrielle with him on his fall.

“Joxer!” She yelled, rubbing the big bump that appeared on her forehead, where the big rock has hit. “Why don’t you watch where you’re going you idiot! Oh, I forgot! Your sooo lost in that fantasy world were you’re a Hero that nothing penetrates that thick skull of yours!”

That was incredibly mean of her. Usually, Joxer just ignored what she said or pretended to not be affected by it. It normally didn’t really affect him all that much. Well not today. His eyes fill with tears and with a cry of “Your so mean!!!!” Joxer ran off. This shocked Gabrielle so much that she just sat there and stared at the empty space that had previously held Joxer.

“Well?” Xena had gotten off of Argo when Joxer had fallen and stared at Gabby. She squirmed uncomfortably under the disapproving gaze.

“What? It was his fault!” Her justified attitude quickly wilted under Xena’s continued stare. “Fine!” Gabrielle quickly got offa her butt and went off in search of Joxer. “At least I don’t go in the opposite direction to find someone.” She muttered under her breath as she went off to find Joxer and… apologize. It wasn’t right! Joxer and apologize shouldn’t even be in the same thought together.

It wasn’t that hard for Gabrielle to find Joxer. He had found a rock to sit on and was crying pitifully. Now she was feeling guilty. She shouldn’t have said that even if it was Joxer. “Joxer, I’m sorry.” She said and waited for him to say ‘It’s okay Gabby.’ And forgive her. She waited and waited while Joxer still sat there on his rock, crying.

While this was happening, the loyal minion was hidden behind a tree, thanking her Goddess for this perfect opportunity to rid the world of War’s Consort and unborn baby. The plan was simple and yet elegant, brilliant. Her Goddess had given her something that would wipe that unnatural thing from existence. While she didn’t quite understand what this whole twilight thing was she did understand that it was unnatural for men to bear children and she would be doing a great favor to her Goddess.

Just as Gabrielle let loose a hit aimed to hit Joxer on the side for ignoring her, the lady let loose the magic her Goddess fashioned into a arrow and hit its intended target. Happy with this success, she left to tell her Goddess the good news.

Out in the further reaches, another Goddess took note of the arrow, its target, and the spell that it held. This pissed her off. She who regulates the universe, the Mother of Gaea, rarely interferes (even the Olympian Gods did not know of her existence) reached out Her hand and modified the spell. She could not stop it entirely but her daughter will be able to unravel it. Making sure that the two little ones, one without and the other within, were safe she went back to her work.

Gabrielle gasped in shock when her hand did not smack into Joxer’s side like intended but on the head of the little boy that Joxer suddenly became. The little five year old topped off of the suddenly large rock, stared at her with big eyes, and started to wail his little heart out. She just stared at him as the kid curled himself into a ball. “Xeeeeenaaaa! Help!”

Chapter 3

Xena heard Gabrielle’s scream and went running into the woods in the direction that both Joxer and Gabrielle had taken and stopped in shock at the sight in front of her. Gabrielle was on her hands and knees, trying to get close to a little boy who was crying and screaming “Bad Grabby!” and throwing rocks at her. What Xena heard Gabrielle say almost made her pinch herself thinking this might just be some crazy dream she was having and she’d better wake up soon. Nope, pinching just gave her a red mark on her arm and caused her pain.

On the ground, Gabrielle was still pleading with the child. “Please Joxer! I said I was sorry! Come on! Come to Auntie Gabby!” She managed to get close enough to touch an arm but the load wail that sounded directly in her ear dazed her enough for little Joxer to wiggle free.

Xena went over and scooped the little baby away from his rock. Joxer continued to cry but calmed down quickly as Xena rocked and cuddled him close. Keeping her voice pleasant, “You’d better tell me what’s going on.” Was said through clenched teeth.

“Well, Um, I came to apologize just like you told me to. Something hit Joxer and when I looked next, he was like this.” Xena knew something wasn’t right with the explanation. Why would a toddling child cry like that if that was all there was? A little lug got her attention and she looked at the little hiccupping child. He looked at her with huge mournful brown eyes.

“Why Grabby hit me, ‘Ena? Me was bad?” The tearful look was back again and Xena hugged him tighter.

“Of course not Joxer. You just get that thought out of your head.” Joxer looked confused. “What’s wrong?”

“’Ow get ‘tuff out heads? Heads open?”

“No Joxer, heads don’t open. I mean…never mind. We’ll go to Argo and continue our on our way, Okay?” Joxer was looking doubtful. “I’ll let you ride on Argo with me.” The little face brightens.

“Yay! Me likes ‘orsey!” As they were on their way, Xena talked with Gabrielle while Joxer was kept busy watching the scenery go by.

“The next village we come to we’ll go to a temple. We have to find out who did this to Joxer.” Gabrielle was still smarting from getting hit with rocks by Joxer. She wanted the older Joxer without a backbone back and so she agreed. It was a God’s fault and they’d fix him.

All over Olympus, Gods and Goddesses alike looked around, feeling a shivery feeling go all along their spine. Zeus looked around his office thinking maybe his wife had come in and saw him watching, spying, on the pretty mortal in his mirror. Hera, in her garden, looked around her, wondering if the old goat is at it again, and checking on all the women of the world, feeling that something was wrong. They were all very not happy, The God of the Forge had burned himself, The Goddess of Love’s potions cracked, and Cupid’s arrows caused a man to fall in love with a cow. The God of War was in a panic. Men in the battlefield were just slaughtering each other with no distinguishing between sides. Discord threw down her knife, almost crying, torturing didn’t give her the glow it always had!

Little Joxer was happy. He got to ride on a ‘orsey with ‘Ena and the bad lady can’t get him. Everything was all right in his little world at this moment and he was beaming with goodness.

Chapter 4

“Gabrielle, I’m going to get us dinner. Look after Joxer and don’t scare him.” With a glare, Xena left, wondering if little Joxer liked fish. Gabrielle glared at the little baby who was playing a few feet away from her as if he didn’t have a care in the world. Stupid Joxer, he was supposed to love her. All kids and animals loved her. Even when Joxer’s a kid he can’t do anything right.

Joxer looked sideways at the bad lady. She was staring at him and feeling bad and not tingly. ‘Ena’s gone. He didn’t wanna be left with the bad lady. He was gonna find his ‘Ena.

Not so far away, another set of heroes walked along and argued with each other. “Iolaus, You can’t keep that pest.” Iolaus cuddled said pet close to him.

“Don’t be so mean Hercules! It’s just a poor defenseless kitten and I did promise that little girl I’d find a good home for him.”

“Fine. But I’d better not find him in my bedroll again.” Iolaus was just going to defend the kitten when they both heard the sound of someone stumbling towards them. A little boy stumbled out of the woods and looked at them.

“Helwo! Mes look for ‘Ena! See ‘Ena?” The little boy asked. Iolaus knelt down to talk to him. This was no place for a child.

“Hello little one. Are you all alone here? My names Iolaus.” The little boy giggled.

“Funny ‘yolas. Me Josser. Me look for ‘Ena, not ‘lone.” Joxer liked this smiley guy. “What that?” Joxer pointed at something fluffy that ‘yolas had.

Iolaus gave Joxer the kitten and he squealed with delight. He was even happier when Iolaus told him he could have him and named the kitten on the spot. “Um Hercules, does he remind you of someone?”

“Yeah. He sorta looks like Joxer and that name…He did say he was looking for ‘Ena…Could be Xena.” Iolaus got Joxer’s attention again.

“Did you mean that your name is Joxer?” Iolaus asked. The boy giggled again.

“Silly ‘yolas. That my name! Told you that. Josser!”

“Um when you said you were looking for ‘Ena, did you mean Xena?” Little Joxer looked at him while cuddling Shawn close to him.

“Wow ‘yolas! You know ‘Ena!” he squealed. “Help find ‘Ena!” and Joxer, now that they were sure that it was the Joxer that always followed Xena, took Iolaus’s arm and tugged at him to help.

“Joxer, where’s Gabrielle? Isn’t she around too?”

A pout answered him. “Grabby bad! Me lost Grabby!” He stated proudly. Iolaus thought it was cute.

“Now Joxer. I’m sure Gabrielle is worried sick. We have to go back and you’ll apologize.” Joxer was starting to look a little rebellious. “Xena will go back to were Gabrielle was and I’ll protect you alright?” Joxer nodded and Iolaus lifted him up into his arms and they started off. “This big guy here is Hercules.” Joxer shyly looked at the big man.

“Helwo Hercul! Me Josser!” He giggled as the big man ruffled his hair and said hello back. When they got back to the campsite, they found Gabrielle and Xena frantic.

“Joxer! Don’t you ever do that again! You could have been hurt!” Xena told him as she looked at him to make sure he was unharmed. Joxer turned the full effect of his puppy dog eyes at her and she just melted and forgave him.

They decide to travel together to the nearest town and demand to know what Ares did and to change him back. It was pretty obvious to them that Ares did it as some plot to get Xena back. Hercules sat next to Xena, who was feeding little Joxer some fish, making sure he didn’t get any bone. “Don’t worry Joxer. We’ll go see Ares and he’ll turn you back to normal.” He got hit on the back of the head for that by both Xena and Iolaus.

“Shhh.” They both hissed. Xena covered up Joxer’s ears while he looked at them, wondering why he couldn’t hear anything. “His memory is sort of selective. He doesn’t know he’s any different then before. We’ve already noticed that he remembers me but not Gabrielle, you, or Iolaus. You’ll upset him.” She removed her hands from Joxer’s ears. Little Joxer didn’t understand why they did that but it didn’t matter. Yay! He was gonna see Airwees! He love Airwees! Wanna see Airwees! That happy thought followed him into sleep as he was bundled up in blankets with Shawn and snuggled with his ‘Ena.

Part 5

It was 2 days later and they were almost at the town. While they were traveling, the Gods have noticed strange things happening since that shivering and disquieting feeling flashed through them. Hera found out that Zeus had been cheating again. Now Zeus was behaving and pleading with her, hoping she would change her mind and lift her curse of infertility from him. The result of the spell was that he couldn’t get it up no matter how hard he tried. No fertility, no sex. They had the shock of their immortal lives when Eris suddenly started showing up wearing lavender cotton shirts and skirts, baking cookies and being creepy. She also sometimes came out of her torture sessions covered in gore and would not wash for a full day, walking around with cotton covered in blood and other liquids with a cheerful grin on her face.

It was because of the suddenly changed Eris that Strife, God of Mischief and son of Discord, was in hiding. Hanging around one of his Uncle Ares’s temples and causing mischief around the town and it was little Joxer that spotted the thin black clad man and claimed his attention with a shrilly yelled “Strifey!” When Strife saw him he almost kneeled over and died from the shock. Xena reached over and ruffled his hair saying absently, “Yes that is a striped tent.” Joxer waved madly at Strife as they walk out of view.

“Holy shit! I gotta tell Unc ‘bout this!” and Strife flashed outa there. “Hey Unc!” Strife yelled as he flashed into his Uncle’s place on Olympus. He yelped as he was grabbed into a tight hug from behind.

“Hi my sweetie Strife! How’s mommy’s little boy?” Eris carried her son off with said son screaming for help. No one helped; she was just a little too creepy right now. Way creepier then the glowering and brooding God of Love. You can almost see the green jealousy monster staring out at you.

Joxer was almost brimming over with excitement. He was gonna see Airwees! His Airwees! He just saw Strifey too! Yay!

“Joxer.” Little Joxer looked at Xena. “We’re going to go in but you have to stay with Gabrielle.” Joxer’s eyes started to tear up. “Don’t worry. We’ll be right there with you Okay?” Joxer nodded his head, looking sideways at the bad lady. Xena lifted him from the horse and into her arms. Gabrielle looked sourly at them.

“I’m sure he can walk Xena.” She said snidely. Xena looked pointedly at her, silently saying ‘How could you be so spiteful.’ Gabrielle flushed and Joxer stuck his tongue out at her over Xena’s shoulders.

Wow. Little Joxer looked around at all the black but mostly at the big statue of his Airwees. While he was looking around, Xena and company decided that it was time to get Ares attention and what better way then to scream his name and break a few of his things.

Little Joxer was minding his own business, admiring the statues of his Airwees, when he was frightened at all the noise that Xena, Hercules, and Iolaus was making. He looked over and giggled. Gabrielle was trying to nock over a statue but all her little stick did was bounce off. Pretty soon there was a sparkle and his Airwees was there! Yay! Joxer tried to go to him but the bad lady grabbed him and was holding onto him. She was hurting him!

“What is the matter now?!” Ares was pissed. His war didn’t go as planned, his family was going crazy, and he was missing Joxer. He couldn’t even kiss him while the jerks were here.

“We know you did it! Change him back!” Xena declared while the two idiots beside her glowered.

“What are you talking about? Have you finally lost your minds?” He sneered. They were about to retort when yelling and crying distracted him. There was the blond harpy, restraining a crying little boy.

“Airwees!!! No! Bad Grabby! Let Go! Me go Airwees!” with a last screech the little boy ran crying tears and yelling Airwees, ducking and swerving away from Xena and the two idiots, and jumped at Ares. Ares caught the boy and stared at him in shock.


Chapter 6

Ares stared at the little boy he held in his arms. His Consort, turned child who was snuggling up to the God of War as if he was a teddy bear, his mind reminded him. Joxer turned into baby. Joxer turned into baby. The thought ran round and round his head until it really sunk in and shock turned to rage. Someone did this and that someone was gonna die. His eyes held the promise of a slow and agonizing death. This upset the four mortals in the temple but not little Joxer. He was with his Airwees. Airwees protect him from the bad lady. The days excitement caught up to little Joxer and he fell asleep, knowing he was held in familiar arms and that he was loved, his Airwees was holding him and he’d never let anything happen to him.

It was amazing how holding the small child did nothing to subtract form Ares’s aura of danger. Which was focused on the four annoying mortals. “Who did this?” was uttered slowly, so that it might seep into that thick skull of Hercules’s. It wasn’t said slowly enough.

“Stop the innocent act, Ares! We know you did this! It’s another plot to get Xena back isn’t it? Well it’s not going to work.” Hercules declared. The other three nodded. Ares mind was working quickly, already ignoring their presence. They obviously knew nothing. “Well,” he whispered into the little dark head nestled against his chest, “now we know why things have been so weird around here lately.”

In the background the two in the group of heroes were not taking kindly to being ignored. Xena and Iolaus took in the way Ares was holding Joxer and chose to reserve judgment for now. Hercules just didn’t like Ares, and Gabrielle didn’t like the fact that the hunky God of War was paying so much attention to the idiot.

“Ares, let him go.” Hercules said.

“Yeah,” Gabrielle put in, “he wouldn’t allow me to hold him, and he wouldn’t want to see your face when he wakes up.” How dare Joxer cuddle up to the God of War but ignored her? He was suppose to be worshiping her damn it! She stalked up to the War God. “Give him to me!!” she yelled, waking Joxer up.

“Yeah!” Hercules joined in and grabbed at the frightened Joxer, “Give him back to us!” This was the worst thing he could have done. This connected in little Joxer’s mind, Hercules with Gabrielle. He was also the enemy now! Joxer started crying, tightening his hold on Ares and refusing to let go.

“No! No go Grabby! No! Stay wif Airwees! Waaaaaaa!” Ares sprang quickly into action. He hugged his little Consort close to him, kissing his head, rubbing his back, and promising to not let Gabrielle get him. He also silently called for Aphrodite and Eris. He was no fool. Joxer was way past the stage of upset and into hysterical and the one thing a hysterical child needs is to be surrounded with the feeling of safety and cuddling. Besides, the God of War cannot be intimidating while holding someone who was crying, especially if that someone was his beloved Consort.

There were two answering flashes. “What’s up bro?” asked Aphrodite. Eris flashed in with a tide up Strife. He had a bib on and was in a sailor suite. The mortals stared at the two goddesses and Strife in shock. Eris was in her bloodstained cotton skirt and shirt. Aphrodite had her hair in a wrap; she was mixing potions for those that she had lost and experimenting. For some reason some of her potions caused an opposite effect then what they were meant to do.

They automatically recognized the little boy as Joxer and they took in the four frozen heroes, two who were close to the crying child and how Joxer was struggling away from them. “What did you do to Joxie?!” Aphrodite demanded, aiming her question at Hercules and the annoying bard. That shocked them out of their frozen state.

“What do you mean what did I do? Why don’t you ask Ares that question? It’s his fault.” Hercules declared.

“Ha. I highly doubt that Jerkules.” Eris sneered. She looked at what she’d been wearing and changed it back to her normal leathers. She had just been torturing someone while feeding her baby some banana mush. She felt better now. Once she was in little Joxer’s presence, it felt like a piece of herself was returned and she felt her happy after torture glow again. The Goddess of Discord was back.

“Yeah! Ares would never do that to Joxie.” Aphrodite realized now why her potions didn’t work or had the opposite effect. “Shhhhh. Come to Auntie Dite cutie.” Aphrodite took the still hysterically crying child from Ares. “It’s okay sweetie.”

Eris came over and chucked little Joxer under the chin. “Stop crying now Joxie. Auntie Eris’ll hurt them if they hurt you ‘kay baby?” Joxer’s crying calmed down to hiccups.

“Alright. Tell us exactly what happened to Joxer.” Ares demanded.

“Give him back to us first.” Gabrielle still yelled.

“How could you give him over to that psycho?” Hercules demanded. Little Joxer had enough! They were making his family un-tingly. He scrunched up his face and concentrated.

Chapter 7

After the silver sparkles that enveloped Gabrielle and Hercules faded, the Gods and Goddesses all cracked up with laughter while the two heroes stared in shock. After a while the shock wore off a bit and they both fought hysterical laughter of their own. Were Gabrielle had once stood, there now was a bunny with a tiny stick clenched in its teeth. It was also wearing a miniature of Gabrielle’s normal clothing.

As for the great Hercules, he was in drag. He had on a Shirley Temple wig; red sparkle six-inch high heels, a neon green skirt on with little black shoes designs all over it, and a bright orange blouse with little hearts. That was not to mention his makeup. Hercules took a step towards the Gods and Goddesses, wanting to demand that they change him back, but he fell down. Seeing him sprawled on the ground with a bunny hopping around him caused the Gods to go into a fresh wave of laughter and even the two heroes joined in. This was all well and good but this was the first conscious use of power little Joxer performed since he became little Joxer and it took a lot out of the little guy. He fell asleep, happily dreaming of pet bunnies and a dolly his brother Jayce once got from daddy.

Eris took the sleeping Joxer and deposited him on the lap of the still chained up Strife. With nothing to do, his mom chained him in hephaestian metal after he tried to sneak off for the 3rd time, he held the Joxer and watched the show.

“Well, first things first.” Ares said when he finally regained his composer. He flashed them all to Olympus. The can keep an eye on Joxer here. “I’m going to the Halls of Time.” He told his sisters. “Keep an eye on them.” To be on the safe side, Ares sealed his temple. The mortals, including the bunny, and demigod wouldn’t be able to leave. He also created a playroom for Joxer. With that finished he flashed out. Eris finally noticed what Strife was wearing.

“Strife! What the fuck? Do something useful and take Joxer to the playroom. He can sleep and you can play around, you big baby.” She removed the chains and dressed him back in his leathers. Strife clenched Joxer to him and approached his mother.

“Ma, ya don’t wanna cuddle me and feed me mush?” he cautiously asked. Eris stared at him.

“No. Why would I wanna do that?” Strife hugged his mom and with a ‘I love ya ma!’ walked off to find the newly refurnished room. Eris just shrugged. She loves her baby boy, no matter how strange he acts.

“Hey! Are you just going to leave me like this?” Hercules demanded.

“Oh shut up. Its your own fault.” Eris informed her muscle bound relative. The bunny charged her and tried to hurt her by hopping on top of her feet. “How ‘bout rabbit for supper tonight?” Gabby the bunny ran off and hid behind Xena, looking with a pathetic bunny look at her.

“Well, you did deserve this.” She told her partner.

“Yeah Herc.” Went Iolaus. “You have to admit that you were both unmanageable there.

“Like isn’t this such a bonding moment.” Aphrodite said, trying not to look at Hercules. The color scheme was horrible. “So, ya remember anything that led up to the shrunken Joxie?”

Before they can answer, cuz Xena did remember about the vomiting, a giggling Joxer came running in and hid behind the Goddess of Discord. Strife hopped into the room, calling for Joxer. He was tied up like a mummy in colorful strips of cloth.

“Strifey funny!” Little Joxer declared. Hercules still can’t get up.

“Joxer! Come Here and Help Me!” Hercules yelled, out of pure frustration. This frightened Joxer and tears came into his big eyes. Hercules received dirty looks from all the deities, Xena, and Iolaus.

“Like, Hercie baby. You say stuff like that again to Joxie and you’ll be tagged with a serious case of bunny love, got me?” Aphrodite said as she lifted Joxer up and kissed his little head. It was then that Ares flashed in, dragging Asclepius with him. He turned a glare to the mortal as Asclepius went to little Joxer.

“Arry, what’s wrong?” Aphrodite asked, worried.

“They didn’t tell us that before this happened, Joxer was sick.” Ares grounded out.

“Sick?!” Strife yelp. “But Gods don’t get sick!” They ignored the gasp of surprise that was sound. “Oh shut up.” Strife rolled his eyes. “Who’d you think did this to ya?” He nodded towards the cowering bunny and the grounded Hercules. “Lookin good there Auntie Herculina.” Strife laughed, rolling along the floor like a slug; Hercules growled, not at all pleased.

There was a sharp exclamation from Asclepius. “Ares,” he said, “I think I found out why someone did this to Joxer.” He hoped that his Uncle wouldn’t blast him for telling him this.

“Out with it Ace! Tell us already!” demanded Eris. Ares was glaring still.

“Congratulations! Joxer is pregnant and it looks like whoever did the spell made it so that it would kill Joxer and destroy the baby.”

Chapter 8

The next thing Asclepius knew, he was hanging off of the ground from his Uncle’s hand around his throat. “What did you say?” Ares grounded out. “What happened to the baby? Is Joxer all right? Is Joxer still pregnant? How do we fix this? Why is he so little then? Damn It Who Did This?!!” His voice got louder with each question until he was yelling into his nephews face.

“Airwees?” Little Joxer stared up at his Airwees and Cousin Acey. “Why mad at Acey? Did he do bad?” Joxer always had a calming effect on him and he released his hold on Asclepius.

“No Joxer. Ace was just telling me something that upset me.”

“Oh. Why Acey exmanimine me? I’s not have ouwie or booboo.” Joxer declared.

“Sometime you need to be examined even if you don’t have any ouwies or booboos to make sure you healthy.” Ares explained. Little Joxer thought about this and nodded his understanding. He stretched out his arms to his Airwees, wanting to be held, and his Airwees lifted him up into his arms and flashed Joxer’s fluffy ball of a kitten to him as well. “Well?” His eyes turned back to a nephew who had seriously hoped to be forgotten. All the other in the room; excluding the fuming bunny, Joxer, and his fluffy kitten had their attention glued to Asclepius.

“I just sensed the intent of the spell. I don’t know exactly why Joxer is this little and the baby is fine but we should call for Hera. This is her area of expertise. I mean can you imagine a nine months pregnant five year old?”

Gabrielle the bunny didn’t hear any of this. Her little bunny brain blocked everything out once she heard that Joxer was a God. She didn’t believe it! The idiot was a God? Why didn’t he tell her sooner? They could have been together then and she could have been a God. Well all was not lost! She’d just have to act nice towards him and throw him a few crumbs of affection! Joxer would come crawling back to her. And so forgetting that she was now a bunny, Joxer was tiny, and Joxer was the one who turned her into a bunny, she began to plan her seduction.

“Well, since you’ll be here for a while, why don’t you and curly sit down Xena?” Aphrodite flashed in some pink chairs for them.

“Mother!” Ares yelled. In a flash, Hera appeared. The first thing she saw was Hercules, in drag and on the floor. Hera flashed in a mirror and captured this moment forever on its surface. Then she laughed and pointed at him. She was just delighted with the chance to ridicule the bastard son that Zeus had been rubbing into her face since the day he was born. She was also thinking about making a painting from the mirror image and blowing it up to hang in her temple. Hercules got mad and tried to go after her. Unfortunately he forgot he couldn’t stand, much less walk in the shoes and he fell flat on his face. Hera felt much better then she had been for a while now. She didn’t even know why she suddenly snapped and put that curse on the old goat.

“Mother! Something wrong with Joxer!” She immediately sobered and raced to Ares side and went to the tiny Joxer.

“Oh my! What happened to him?”

Joxer saw Hera and waved up at her grinning. “Hi Grammy! Look! Shawn!” Hera petted the little kitten.

“Hi honey. Did you do this to Hercules?” Little Joxer nodded his head.

“Me did bunny too. Grabby scared me. Me did bad?” Hera kissed him on his head.

“No. You were a good baby.” Joxer, content, laid his head against his Ares pillow. “Okay Asclepius. What’s wrong with him.” They filled her in and Hera almost growled her rage, clearly showing where Ares got some of his fierceness. She laid her hands against Joxer’s abdomen and concentrated.

“Is Joxer alright?” Xena asked.

“We don’t know Xena.” Strife answered her since the others were busy. Ares was fuming, Ace was concentrating on Joxer’s health, Hera was concentrating on the baby, and Eris and Aphrodite were diverting Joxer’s attention from what was going on. “They’re trying to figure if Joxer and his baby are alright right now.” Strife was out of his wrappings and both Xena and Iolaus witnessed the concern on his face. The way the Gods were reacting were totally different then what they had come to expect and they were beginning to think that they might not know anything about them after all.

“Dear.” Hera told Joxer, “Why don’t you go and keep Xena and Iolaus company?” Joxer pouted. “I’ll make you some cupcakes.” Joxer nodded. She took him from Ares and deposited him and the kitten on Xena’s lap. Hera then flashed in a table with tea, chocolate cupcakes, milk for little Joxer, and a bowl of cat food and milk for his kitten. Joxer started to share his day with Xena and Iolaus while the Gods huddled together, all ignoring Hercules and the bunny.

“Okay, the baby is fine. Its growth has been stopped by the spell but we have to find out who caused this and how to return him to normal. The baby can’t be inhibited forever and with Joxer this way, everything will start to unravel. I’ll go to the old goat and we’ll call for a meeting. Asclepius, Apollo, and I will keep an eye on Joxer. Strife and Eris go and nose around. Ares, calm down and relax for the day. We wouldn’t want you out of commission along with Joxer.”

Chapter 9

Little Joxer happily fed his fluffy ball the kitty milk and food. He loved Gammy’s chocolate cupcakes! Yummy! The table had tiny legs. Joxer sat on his little chair; his feet touch the ground! The two heroes had to leave their pink chairs to sit on the ground, drinking tea and processing information. Hercules had scooted over too and was also enjoying the tea, having given up on making his family change his clothing back. He didn’t think about removing the shoes and he wasn’t speaking to Xena and Iolaus.

Bunny Gabrielle clenched some flowers in her teeth. She found a garden and as she ate some yummy seeds from this giant bell shape plant She picked some flowers. Joxer will be putty in her hands. He’s always so desperate for her to notice him before. The bunny sneaked up to her pray and with a mighty leap, pounced on Little Joxer’s foot. She rubbed her bunny body all over and around the leg.

Joxer felt something on his foot and looked down to see the bad bunny lady around his leg. Waaaa! Scary! The bunny looked up into his face with a come hither look, flowers curling around her head and up towards her nose.

The Gods were started out of their planning by a piercing shriek. Joxer ran, crying, towards Ares, clearly terrified out of his mind. He had something stuck to his leg. “Get off!!! Waaaaa! Airwees! Get bad Grabby off!!!” Ares lifted Little Joxer into his arms and Joxer tucked his head between Ares shoulders and neck, crying his little heart out. The Gods stared at what was on Joxer’s leg. A big rabbit was unconscious, with a death grip on Joxer’s leg, little pieces of plants falling from its mouth, and it was still growing. Ares pried its grip off of Joxer’s leg before its growing weight hurt him. It hit the ground with a loud thump.

Strife poked at it. “Hey! It’s the Gabby bunny. How’d it get so jumbo?”

Hera was looking very pissed. “This thing ate a seed from the plant that I gave Joxer to grow.” She growled. Hey, plants were very dear to her and Joxer had so looked forward to collecting the seeds!

Eris zapped some chains on the growing thing and carried it to Xena, dropping it on her lap. “You take care of it and make sure she don’t bother Joxer again or the next time you see her, it’ll be over a fire and slowly roasted.” Xena would have answered but she was too busy trying to get the damn bunny off of her.

Seeing that the heroes were busy and not having the patience to deal with them, Ares flashed them into two rooms, locking them in with plates that always refilled with food.

“Alright, we all have our instructions. Ares, your to relax!” with that all the other deities flashed out, leaving Ares with his little sleeping Consort. He went into the playroom and placed Little Joxer on the bed, he returned to his room to relax and read up on some tactical strategies.

An hour later, Little Joxer woke up whimpering. His Airwees was missing. He got off the bed and went to Ares room, finding him asleep in the big bed. Little Joxer giggled and got into the bed snuggling with Ares. Ares pulled him closer in his sleep and Joxer fell asleep with his head cradled on his Ares pillow.

Ares was rudely shaken from a dream he was having. Joxer, the normal Joxer, was spread out underneath him, naked and inviting when Strife shook him awake. “What do you want?” He snarled softly, noticing little Joxer when he woke up.

“Ya gotta come quick Unc! A wars broken out and their just hacking clumps outa everybody!” This quickly motivated the God of war and with a kiss to little Joxer’s head; he got out of the bed and flashed off with Strife.

Joxer woke up a while later, whimpering softly when he saw no Ares. He couldn’t sense his Airwees here and there was a shield to keep him in. “Me want Airwees pilwow!” Getting an idea, Little Joxer took the big pillow his Airwees was sleeping on and concentrated. The pillow sprouted hands, legs, and a head. Pretty soon he had a pillow in the likeness Ares. It even has his clothes and a stuff sword. Yay! Joxer put his head onto his Airwees pilwow and quickly fell asleep.

Chapter 10

They flashed into the battlefield. “What the fuck is going on?!” Ares snarled at Eris. Damn! He couldn’t control the mortals! Somewhere just hacking at people again while others looked around with a dazed expression as if to ask what they were doing in such carnage.

“Ares! It isn’t working!” Eris cried after they tried to change the way this was heading or at least to keep it from spreading. Nothing was working. “We need Joxer!”

“Are you kidding?!” Ares yelled as he chopped off a guy’s head and ran another through the chest, “I’m not taking him into this!” An arm and another man’s hand went flying off, “Forget it.”

“Ares! We need him! Go and bring him here! We can’t control this Ares!” Eris gutted a man with her knife, leaving him holding his entrails and screaming, “Damn it! If you don’t then I’ll get Strife to get him!”

“Fine!” Ares flashed back to his bedroom and took the little sleeping Joxer into his arms and flashed back into the battlefield, Eris and Strife flanking him, making sure no harm comes to Joxer. “Joxer,” he said softly, “wake up Joxer.” He bounced him lightly in his arms.

Joxer woke to his Airwees pilwow in his arms and in the arms of his big Airwees. Yay! Joxer woke up smiling and happy. That was a good thing. In an ever-spreading ring, sanity returned to the soldiers and the war quieted down till no one was fighting. Most men stood around with guilty or confused faces. Not that Joxer noticed. He was with his Airwees and everything was fine. The other Gods breathed a sigh of relief.

“Well that was close.”

“Yeah Unc. Ya almost lost it!” Ares growled at his nephew and sent a halfhearted fireball at him. Strife dodged it and went over to Ares and the little Joxer who was beaming at him and everyone that he saw. “Hey there little cuz.” Strife tickle Joxer’s side, eliciting giggles. That was when Eris and Strife noticed the stuff Ares and started laughing. “Um Unc, didya see this?” He pointed at the stuff Ares Joxer was waving around.

“Sweetie. What have ya got there?” Eris asked. She was gonna have blackmail material on Ares for centuries if he created that for Joxer. Little Joxer beamed. Please that Auntie Eris wanted to know about his Ares pillow. He snuggled the pillow close.

“Mine Airwees pilwow Ante Ewis. Me make!” Eris was disappointed but Joxer did look cute.

Ares scowled darkly as he held a cuddling Joxer. He knew he was being silly. He was jealous about a pillow, a pillow in the shape of himself, an inanimate object. He couldn’t help it though. His Joxer was cuddling up to that thing and not to him. He shook himself out of a daydream where he was punching the stuffing out of it. Yes, Mother was right. I need a break.

He flashed back to Olympus with Joxer, back to his temple and the warm and inviting bed, leaving his twin and her son to clean up. Unknown to him, he was going to need the rest. The news about the little shrunken Joxer and the baby has spread far and wide among the Gods and Ares will be getting some company soon. It was also rumored that Zeus didn’t really want to help, something about it being Joxer’s fault and he didn’t have to help. Some say he also said this because of an argument with Ares last week. Whatever was his problem, Hera fixed. No one knows what she did but those close to the temple could hear his scream.

In the sealed rooms…”Gabrielle!!!” Xena screamed. The bunny was drooling all over her and she was getting soaked with slobber. It still hasn’t woken up yet and Xena still hasn’t been able to get it off of her. Hercules has finally taken off the shoes and is able to walk. He still hasn’t changed excepted for getting rid of the makeup, he had no other cloths and Iolaus wouldn’t give him his. Xena was the lucky one. She wasn’t the one who was trying to sleep but kept getting after images because of the intense brightness of someone’s clothing.

Ares went to bed with his Consort already asleep and snuggled in his arms. He glared at the pillow and with a thought, moved it from the bed to the shelves and thought up another pillow for him to sleep on. Joxer didn’t mind. His Airwees was there. Ares fell asleep with a very happy, sleepy, tiny, and cuddly God of Peace by his side.

Chapter 11

In the underworld¡K

"What!?" The yell was followed by a flash and the King of the Underworld was gone.

At Ares Temple on Olympus¡K

Little Joxer looked at his sleepy Airwees. He looked at his Airwees pilwow on the shelf and put is finger to his lips. "Shhhh. Qwite! Airwees sweepy." Was said in a whisper. He turned back to his staring and waiting for Ares to wake up.

Ares woke up to the feeling of being watched. He saw a flesh colored blur on his left side and turned to see a close up of Joxer¡¦s eyes and nose. "Joxer. Why are you watching me?" If this were the normal Joxer, he would have just grabbed him and proceed to kissed the life out of him but this Joxer was a baby. He missed his Joxer.

"Wakey wakey?" Joxer asked him, giggling. He shrieked as Ares caught him and played on his knowledge of Joxer¡¦s weakness. He tickled him.

Little Joxer¡¦s happy time was cut short by a loud roar. "ARES!!!!" was heard from somewhere in the temple. Ares picked Joxer up and they went to find the source of the yell when the ¡¥source¡¦ found them. An angry Hades bore down on them.

"SO NO ONE THOUGHT TO TELL ME THIS HAPPENED TO JOXER?" He yelled, looking like a thundercloud bearing down on those below it. He looked like he was going to go off on a rant.

Little Joxer was sooo happy. He waved his little arms and held them out to the lord of the underworld and squealed. "Daddy!!!" Daddy was here! Yay! "Huggy!" was demanded. Hades took one look at his diminutive son and melted. It wasn¡¦t everyday that your grown up son was turned into the adorable little child they were before. He took his baby away from his favorite nephew and son in law, whom he was still mad at, and gave him a hug. Ares told him what they¡¦ve found out so far and that he¡¦d have to talk to Hera if he wanted to know more.

"I¡¦ve been told to relax and rest here with Joxer." Ares said with a grimace. The whole getting jealous with a pillow was still fresh on his mind. Hades thought for a moment.

"Good." He decided, "then you can guard my son, your Consort, better this way. You¡¦d better keep him and the little unborn baby safe." Was growled out. Ares swore he could see the flames almost leaping outa Hades eyes. It was time to direct this anger elsewhere. Only a fool would want their in-laws angry with them and Ares was no fool. He mentioned that Zeus wasn¡¦t too happy about being roped into trying to find out what happened and Hades, with a creepy smile, volunteered to supervise his brother and to get their other brother involved as well. He gave his little son over to Ares, giving him a good bye kiss and promising to come and play later, he flashed off mumbling about a rusty knife and dipping in salt water.

Ares looked at his little Consort. "Want honey cakes for breakfast?" He asked and got a squeal and a hug from Joxer. He sat Joxer on his lap and they ate breakfast together. As they were eating another flashed herald another member of the family. "Demeter." Ares greeted his least favorite Aunt. Demeter smirked when she saw little Joxer. He didn¡¦t like the lady¡¦s smile.

"Well well well. I see the rumors were true after all." She smiles again. You should have married me Ares. You would have been with a real woman by now and not stuck with one of Hades¡¦s freaks. Ares narrowed his eyes.

"What do you want?"

"I¡¦m just here to see the precious darling." She cooed. She went up to Little Joxer, who was sitting in Ares lap, all sticky from eating his honey cakes. The lady smiled one of her fake smiles at him again. Little Joxer didn¡¦t like the way the lady was looking at his Airwees. My Airwees! Not lady Airwees.

Demeter leaned over and patted his little head like she would do to a dog, showing her cleavage to both. "Are you going to look for a new Consort if no cure is found?" She tried not to look too eager.

"No." Ares said and removed her from his notice. Concentrating instead on his little Consort, making sure he drinks plenty of milk. A shriek brought his attention back to Demeter.

"That little freak!" She shouted, pointing at Little Joxer. Her hair was covered with honey and honey cake crumbs, frozen almost solid with the sweet. Little Joxer started to cry.

Another flash lit the room. "What did you do to Joxer you ass of a woman?" was shouted. Little Joxer looked behind the lady.

"Mommy!!!!!" Little Joxer squeaked, getting off of Ares lap and running over to his mommy. "Miss you mommy!" The Goddess picked up her baby and twirled him around. She stopped before he got really dizzy and hugged him close.

"Miss you too sweety." Hebe replied. She looked at Demeter and raised an eyebrow, "Well? I¡¦m waiting."

Chapter 12

“I did nothing Hebe.” Demeter said in a huff. “That thing put honey cakes in my hair!”

“Good.” Hebe smirked. “Your such a good baby Joxer.” She blew a raspberry into Joxer’s tummy and he giggled like mad, very happy that his mommy was happy. “Ares!” She squealed, going over and giving him a big hug too. Little Joxer didn’t mind. He was snuggled between mommy and Airwees. Yay! “I heard about what happened to Joxer and came right over but I’m soooo happy about the baby! My first grandchild!” she squealed. “I’m gonna spoil the little tyke sooo much! Right my little one?” she asked her little Joxer.

Joxer at that moment was focused on the smirky lady. She was looking weird.

“Don’t you mean if it gets born? I bet that things dead already.” She laughed, doing a very bad thing cuz that just focused the attention of the Goddess of Youth and Children on her and the bad stuff. Her model was to think on the positive side and Demeter was really busting up her bubble.

“That’s it missy! You may be my elder by how many centuries but you don’t go anywhere insulting my babies or grandbabies! I have officially turned my back on you!” Demeter started to laugh! What could that twit do? She’s as powerless as her children. It was a pity because every one could see that Ares needed a strong Consort and not these jokes. She didn’t laugh for long. She grew older and older until she started to look like every one of her years. She really looked ugly.

“HEBE!!!” she shrieked. “WHAT DID YOU DO?!!!”

“Never get the youth Goddess pissed at you!” was all she said before she turned back to her baby and her brother. “So how have you been holding up? I have to go and tell my other babies about their brother condition! Oh and I almost forgot my care package!!” Hebe has made it a habit to create care packages to her sons. She just didn’t think they could take care of themselves and she makes them when she thinks her babies needed them. She currently made one for Jett who was in jail until further notice and needed to fatten up. They didn’t feed her Jett enough and none of her boys eat regularly with no one to tell them to.

She also already has one ready for Jayce who was working too hard, and she made one for her baby, which she whipped out. A square shaped box wrapped in a pink clothe with little cute bears running around. She gave it to Joxer and he squealed with delight when he opened it. It was filled with yummy finger foods and she added a little toy boat in it that floats in the air like it was the ocean.

“Mommy! It fly! Dank you!”

“Oh! Joxer’s so cute!” She wondered why every time she gave her Jett a care package he hides the cloth? This time his was wrapped in yellow with bananas wearing sunglasses all over it. She turned back to Ares. “So how’re you doing?”

“I’m as fine as I’ll ever be with Joxer like this.”

“Don’t worry dear.” Hebe patted her brother’s arm. “It’s gonna be okay. Think happy!” They both ignored the growl from Demeter and instead relaxed and played with Joxer, keeping a lookout for any danger.

The dark goddess smirked. Life was good. Her minion finally did something right and removed that Consort of War and the baby. Now all they needed to do was get rid of War and everything will end for the Olympians. Dark demented laughter filled the room.

Chapter 13

Demeter was trying to make amends to Hebe with no results. Ares was off, another war had broken out and this time it was the normal kind. The idiots were fighting over a nut tree. He went off to let off some steam with Eris, Strife, and Athena after making Hebe swear to get him, Hera, Apollo, and Asclepius if anything happened.

“What do you think sweetie? Should mommy forgive Great Aunt Demeter?” she poses the question to her little baby while they gazed at the unconscious Demeter. She’s been helping to take care of Joxer and her little cutie didn’t make that a very pleasant thing. Joxer shook his head. The lady broke Joxer’s toy train.

“Come on sweetie. Let’s go visit Jett.” She smiled. Joxer smiled too! Then he remembered. Jett’s in bad and scary place. He raced off and came back to his mommy with his Airwees pilwow. “Oh how cute! Come on honey.” She lifted her little one up and they flashed off to the prison.

Jett almost had a heart attack when his mom flashed in. He was sleeping in his dank cell, planning his escape (must keep those reflexes sharp and besides he loves to outsmart these ass holes), and he had just gotten to the part where he was cutting the guards throat.

“Honestly honey. You shouldn’t sleep on the floor. I remember when the three of you had a nightmare. You huddled together like kittens under the bed. Adorable.” Was the first thing out of Hebe’s mouth.

Jett stared. “Mom!” he wined. How can he be a scary God of Murder when his mother always goes on about how cute he was! Wait a sec. Jett did a double take. “Joxer?” the little boy waved his hand, the other arm hugging something close to him.

“Helwow Jett!”

“Mom. What happened to Joxer?” Jett was stunned but it’s not everyday that your identical triplet was turned into a kid.

“Joxer’s pregnant! Isn’t this so exciting? You’re going to be a uncle.” She beamed at her darling boy while snuggling her baby boy. She went on to tell Jett about what they found out and the search going on blithely, with no apparent concern, ignoring Jett’s look of rage. “And look! I made you snacks!” Jett tried not to shudder with horror. The box was like a little sun in the dank cell. Oh why did his mother have to wrap things in really bright colors for him?

“It looks great mom.” He said weakly. “But I don’t think the colors me.”

“Now honey. You can’t have everything in shades of black and brown.” There was reproach in her tone.

“Yes mom.” She smiled and put her little Joxer on the ground. Joxer ran up to his brother and grinned at him, he couldn’t help but smile back. Joxer immediately waved his stuffed Ares at Jett and started to tell him all about his day and what fun he had torturing Great Aunt Demeter.

“She fell sweepy. Mommy say really old ladies need sweepy lots!” He was interrupted by a loud and angry voice coming from the bars.

“Hey you!” Keep it…wow! How’d this slut get in here?” the guard leered at Hebe and Jett bristled.

“Shut up or I’ll open up a new asshole for ya.” Jett snarled. The guard laughed, perfectly safe, or so he thinks, on the other side of the bars.

“Whatta ya gonna do?” he sneered. He licked his lips as he ogled Hebe, a whimper turned his attention to little Joxer, who had hidden behind Jett’s legs once the guard spoke up. “Well look at that. This your bastard that ya got on this whore? Don’t worry ‘bout him. We’ll have some fun,” he leered again, “with your woman and I know some guys who’ll love the kid.” He chuckled evily.

Whatever Jett was about to say was drowned out by Hebe’s yell, “DON’T YOU TALK LIKE THAT TO MY BABIES!!!” and in a powerful blast, the guard and half the prison was blasted away. She turned back to Jett and little Joxer, all smiles again. “Let’s go home now. I can’t wait to fatten you up Jett! They’re not taking care to you at all.” She took Joxer into her arms again as she snuggled her other baby to her with the other hand, and flashed them back to Olympus, with Jett’s exclamation of “Aw mom! I can take care of myself!” lingering in the air behind them.

Chapter 14

Jett stared at Little Joxer, who was bouncing around the temple, and wish his mom would get back soon with Jayce. Who knew that a large amount of sugar would have that kinda reaction on Joxer? Demeter was unconscious again due to another bout with Joxer.

In their respective rooms, the heroes were still shivering. They don’t want to go out there. They heard Demeter and Jett’s screams and yells. They’d rather be trapped in their nice safe rooms then go out and deal with a hyperactive child.

Jett watched as Joxer came bounced back into the room from the playroom with paint and then started to paint Demeter’s face in shades of green, yellow, and red all the while murmuring “Pwetty pwetty fwowers.” He looked up at his panicky triplet. “Jett wanna be pwetty fwower too?” Jett swallowed.

“No Joxer. I’m fine. I don’t wanna be a flower. Play with Great Auntie Demeter ‘kay?” Little Joxer smiled and returned to his painting. Oh he wished he was out their with Aunt Eris and Strife, finding out who did this. The sound of the pattering of little feet signaled that Joxer had ran off yet again and Jett thanked Ares for sealing the temple so Joxer couldn’t get out.

While Jett was thinking, Joxer was working on his drawing for Jett! Jett was the best! He still missed his Airwees. He pouted but the sugar high wouldn’t let him be down for long. He finished and squealed with delight. Yay! And he went off to show his big brother. He can’t wait for his other big brother to come back too! They were gonna have so much fun! Jayce be pwetty fwower!

Jayce looked around. He had just felt a shiver of dread for some reason. He turned back to his mother. She had just appeared a few minutes ago with her famous packages. His package was light blue in color and had birds flapping all over it. Birds with shoes on…not commenting on that weirdness, Jayce turned his attention back to his mother and talked without the fake accent.

“Jayce, you’re not looking well. You’re working too much dear.”

“Mom, I’m not! I love my work!”

“You’re sure your alright? You haven’t been to a check up for 2 years now!” She eyed him with that sharp gaze of hers that missed nothing.

“I’m fine mom! Really!”

“If you say so dear. You can help take care of Joxer!” she smiled. She then proceeded to tell him the news. Shock is a mild word for what Jayce was feeling afterwards.

“But mom, I don’t know anything about taking care of a child!” He really didn’t. Hebe smiled at her first born.

“Don’t worry dear. It’s nothing.” Jayce was still having doubts. “Joxer adores you. You father and I took care of all three of you and we survived.” That did not inspire Jayce. He had the feeling that his mother could survive anything. She’s indestructible and well dad was dad. Hebe looked at him with an eyebrow raised. “If you’re feeling well then you can take care of your little brother and if your not then you have to be in bed rest.”

Jayce sighed. “Alright mother. I’ll take care of Joxer.” Anyway how hard could it be? Hebe looked at him with a satisfied smile.

At that moment Jett was wondering how a small child could do so much damage. He was currently tied up in pink, yellow, and mustard ribbons. Joxer was still riding his sugar high and was currently jumping up, having finished painting the walls of the temple of war various shades of pink, green, and bright blue. Please someone come and rescue him! Anybody!

Thankfully for Jett, both Hebe and Jayce flashed into
another room. If Jayce had seen the chaos that Joxer caused, he¡¦d
have run for the hills. Hebe was prepared for the little ball of
energy that was Joxer that collided into them, hugging for all he was
worth. "Mommy! Jace!" was squealed out. "Play now?"

"Why don't you play with your big brother Joxer? I'm sure
he wants to spend some time with you."

Joxer yelled, "Okay mommy!" over Jayce's protest and
dragged his brother away. Hebe beamed. Her babies are so cute! That
just reminded her¡Kwhere was her other baby? With that on her mind,
she went off looking for her missing baby.

By the time she reached her tied up child, she had note the
trays with residue of chocolate, crumbs of rock candy, and loads of
other leftover sugary substances.

"Did you have a nice time with your baby brother dear?"
she asked Jett. His answer was lost in the gag in his mouth. She
removed the gag.

"Mom can I please go and help Strife and Aunt Eris now?

"Alright dear but be careful!" Jett was very relieved.
Silently wishing his brother good luck and with a goodbye to his
mother, he flashed off. Wondering what was keeping Ares, she flashed
off to find him and his nut battle.

The few moments of quite that followed was soon shattered.
"JETT! I'M GONNA KILL YOU!" was uttered by an outraged Jayce who
was currently at the mercy of a Joxer on a sugar high.

Ares was not having a normal day but then again nothing had
been very normal lately. Who would guess two idiot families would get
so rile up over a tree. Anyway, he was just there to contain it so he
sat back and enjoyed the show, picking a whole bunch of nuts off of
the tree. He pocketed a few of the nuts and roasted the rest. Hmmm¡KI
get it now. Non bitter almonds. He went to the stream that wandered
along the area and a flicker distracted him. A smooth rock, veined
with silver, winked at him and thinking that Joxer might like it, he
bend over to pick it up just as a tiny dark flew past the area were
Ares was a moment before.

Oh crap. Was the thought from the minion of the dark
goddess, who was currently hidden behind a tree. She readied another
shot but this one missed its target completely. At the moment of its
release, Hebe flashed in and distracted the minion, ruining her aim.

"How's your nut war going?"

"It's not a nut war. It's a battle over a nut tree and
it's not mine, its the mortal's battle."

In a tone very reminiscence of Aphrodite, Hebe replied,
"Whatever." She hummed and looked around. "So, you about done

"Why? Did something happen to Joxer? Is he alright? Nothing
happened right?" Ares started to quickly get concerned about his
tiny Consort.

"Nothings the matter. We had a very fun day. Do you think
your done here now?" Ares did a mental check and everything seems to
be in order.

The minion uttered a gasp. Damn! He was going to get away!
She quickly got her last dart ready.

"Yeah, their winding down now that the tree's been chopped
up, let's go."

The minion smirked. "Your not going anywhere. This is for
the glory of my Goddess." She unfortunately was too excited. She
inhaled at the wrong time and sucked the dark down her own throat.

The two gods flashed out and the dark minion choked to
death with the last words "Damn you Ares" on her lips.

The two gods flashed back into the temple and quickly found
little Joxer. He had finally crashed from his sugar high. Ares noted
the Ares pillow that Joxer was clenching with displeasure. He was
curled up on top of Jayce who had collapse into an exhausted sleep.

"Awww. They're so cute." Then she frowned. "I knew Jayce
wasn't looking after himself."

Little Joxer began to stir. Something was wrong but he didn't
know what. Soon he began to feel a little ache in his tummy and
suddenly a sharp lancing pain shot through him from said tummy.

The whimper alerted the two gods that something was wrong
and when Joxer suddenly curled up into a little ball and grow pale,
they where at his side. Ares took his Joxer into his arms.

The pain got worse and worse. Joxer open pain filled eyes
to look into his Airwees's eyes. "Tummy hurt." Ares cuddled Joxer
close while calling out to his mother and Ace. Hebe was panicking
also and intelligently called for Hades too. She didn't want a
scorched Ares because no one bothered to tell Hades what was going


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