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keep in mind that i've never wrote in this fandom before and it would also be my 3rd ficcie altogether (none finished yet). this is just a idea that i got and well, tell me if i should continue with it 'kay?

Title: The Spell

Author: pixydust


Archive: yes

Disclaimer: They don't belong to me. Never had, never willˇK. Now Iˇ¦m depressed.

Pairing: J/A and S/C

Warning: I can play with them all I want!!! Hahahaha! I am the creator of this ficcie universe! (laughing hysterically. )

Strife flashed into the temple, full of good cheer. People have been having a really bad day in Athens. The temple was decorated in whites, golds, and blues. Very weird unless you knew that this wasn't the temple of the God of Mischief but the temple of the God of Love. Strife's good mood did a nosedive as he caught sight of Cupe, and the hussy that was wrapped around him!!!

"Um, Cupe, who is this?" he said in a sweet butter wont melt in my mouth tone.

Cupid unwrapped himself from the bimbo and said all cheerfully, "Oh hi Strife! This is Psyche. Like isn't she just wonderful? We're in love! Psyche, I'd like you to meet my cousin Strife."

"Hi Strife!" she giggled a sound that set his teeth on edge. "We're gonna get married and then I'm gonna become the Goddess of the Mind! Isn't that great?" With that Strife saw red and flashed outa the temple.

* * * * *

Eris was lounging around her temple when Strife popped in, eyes flashing and steam almost pouring outa his ears. "Strife! Whats the matta?" contrary to popular belief, Eris is a good mother and had her nice and squishy side that was mostly reserved for her son, brother, and grandkids. All that came outa him were incoherent yells and screams.

When she finally got him to calm down, she felt like taking Cupid and breaking him in half. Then go after the bitch that was takin away her baby's happiness. But Strife came first.

* * * *

Joxer walked, well stumbled along besides Gabrielle and Xena. They were talking in conspiratory tones to each other and the only answer he got when he asked about what they were talking about was that it was about something Hercules and Iolaus had told them. "Come on guys! Tell me!" All that got him was conspirator winks and you'll find outs outa them.

The dinner that night was fish again. He wished just once that they'd allow him to cook. Ever since that time when his stew incapacitated Xena, Gabrielle, and a whole army, he learned how to cook and cook damn good too if his family were anything to judge by. It wasn't fair! It wasn't like he'd ever cooked before but at least dad and grandma asked for the recipe. Something about putting a written record to what had stopped a whole army and making them wish they were dead without any fighting. They were laughing it up that day. At least his cooking was interesting. Gabby's fish were always the same!

As he settled down into sleep, he heard a howl of outrage from Jett along their silent bond. A scream of No! Daddy! Was heard from Jayce. Now Joxer was getting nervous. He sneaked out of the campsite. Not a moment too soon either. His dad appeared outa thin air in a shower of sparkles. "Hi dad!"

"Hi baby!" and Strife hugged his youngest child to him.

"Ummm. Didya just went to see Jett and Jayce?" His dad had something he got from the future in his hands.

"Yeah. Just to talk about old times and stuff. See whatcha been doing since I last saw ya."

"You saw us last week!"

"Just to make sure there's been no change in anything, that's all. I'll be goin now." Before he left, Strife slapped his hand on Joxer's forehead and then flashed away before Joxer could shake his head clear. He went to the lake to see just what his dad slapped onto his forehead. It took some creative reading but he finally figured it out. Property of Strife G.O.M. Hands off Cupid!!!! Was written on the sticker the label maker stamped on.


Joxer walked along besides the girls, singing his song loud enough for the entire world to hear, or at least that was the way Gabrielle was feeling. He had a bandage wrapped around his forehead so the mortal women couldn’t see the sticker that wouldn’t come off. He didn’t know if they could see it but he wasn’t taking any chances! It did make him clumsier then usual cuz it falls into his eyes but hey, it made for a interesting morning. So far he’d bumped into Gabby and sent her into the lake, set fire on his shoe and both of the mortal’s bedding, and not to mention the trips and stumbles that had delayed them all day. Well, this does delay them from going on their way to stop some warlords form pummeling each other. When the proper amounts of the dead had been seen too then they can stop the war. Yay!! They I can go and see what’s wrong with dad. With this cheerful thought, he went about to do his job.

Two days of being lost later, Xena the warrior princess and her little sidekick had stopped the war and Joxer the mighty spent the time guarding Argo (Xena’s mighty steed), and acted as their cheerleader, while in the background of his mind a silent commentary was provided by Jett and Jayce (both of which were very pissed at dad for sticking onto them the dreaded sticker that wouldn’t be removed). They needed to be cheered and entertained. Joxer was happy to oblige. “Yay! Go Xena!” he screeched out at them. “Gabby! Watch out for the…Ooh.” He winced. “That has gotta hurt.”

Ya think? That should happen to her more often.

Now Jett. That’s not a very nice thought although I might add that she had that coming so continue Joxie responded Jayce.

It went on like this until the battle finally stopped, much to Gabrielle’s relief. She didn’t know why but whenever Joxer was around, she would always wind up with more bruises then any other time. Joxer ran up to them like the over active puppy he was sometimes compared to. “Gee Xena! We did great! All in a days work for us heroes huh?” He beamed at them. Both smiled sickly smiles back at him. “But I can’t come along with you on your next adventure! I think it’s about time that I made my own way. Going along and helping those that need Joxer the Mighty.” So it was then that Joxer the Mighty again went off on his own, away from the delightful company of Xena and Gabrielle. They were sorry to see him go, not really but hey, can’t hurt a guys feelings. Joxer was left to go home and find out what is going on. So he made his way to Ares temple.

* * * *

Strife flashed his way back to Cupid’s temple and got the shock of his life! In the place of the blues in his temple, a color he had talked him into, there was pink. Not that Strife had anything against pink but it sooo did not say guy. Especially a powdery, “congratulations! It’s a girl!” pink! His eyes narrowed and he growled. The trusty labeler came out! “My table!”

Strife started to label all the things that he had flashed into the temple over the years. There! He giggled. Everywhere he turns, he and that slut will be reminded of me!!!

Just then Psyche came in. “Hello Smife!”

“It’s Strife.” He said through grit teeth. Tha Bitch did that on purpose! Either that or theres not that much in ‘er skull.

“Oh yeah, whatever! Don’t you love the color scheme? I talked Cupie into the pink. Don’t you just think it screams God of Love?”

“Honey? Oh there you are.” They kissed. Ewwwww! How gross! “Strife! Don’t you love her new dress?” Psyche immediately began twirling around, showing her new dark blue gown. “She convinced me to change from the dark blue to pink. This way she wouldn’t blend. Isn’t she awesome?”

“Yeah. Awesome. Well I hope you’ll be happy togetha!” He slapped her on the back and left.

“Why that was so nice of Snife. Don’t you think so Pookie?”

“Strife.” Cupid reminded her.

“Whatever.” Neither noticed the sticker on the back of her new gown. If they’d stop mooning to each other they’d have noticed it read Strife’s (G.O.M.) drapes.

* * *

Part 3

“Hello Lord Zeus. I would like to speak with you please.”

Zeus looked at who was holding onto his arm and saw a lovely young woman there. A young lady with very low cleavage. “Yes my dear. Do I know you?” He ask eyes glued to her breast.

“Oh, we haven’t met yet.” Was said with a pout and a wiggle that would have done justice to Aphrodite herself. “Cupie hasn’t introduced us yet. I’m Psyche.” A sultry look was aimed his way.

“It’s a pleaser to meet you. I’m surprised that Cupid hasn’t had time to introduce a beauty like yourself to me yet.” He leered at her.

“Yes well, we have a problem that I’m sure that you can help us with since your such a important man and all.” Peers up innocently at him.

“Tell he your problem. I’d be happy to help.”

“Well,” huge breath, “Cupie and I’d like to get married. Like we are sooo in love, ya know?” Eyes fixed on her heaving breast, Zeus nods, even though he has never met or heard of Psyche since now. “But now I’ve learned that he’s married already! Honeybuns obviously was forced into that marriage and he is so like into me now. Can you possibly find a way for him and me to get together?”

Zeus, never one to use his brains when a beautiful and possible future conquest is presented to him quickly agreed. “Of course my dear. I’ll see what I can do for you.” With a quick wiggle and giggle Psyche left Zeus to plan on his seduction plan.

* * * *

“Aphrodite! I can’t believe you let Cupid bring that slut with him! You’d better have some explanation for this before I kick your damn ass!” By the end of this announcement, Aphrodite was dangling a bit off the ground from a pissed off Eris’s grasp. Aphrodite struggled free, she may be pink but she’s every bit Eris’s equal.

“Will you chill?! It’s not like I had a choice ya know? Cupie was gonna go postal on me if I didn’t let him keep her!”

“So your just gonna let him get away with this?” Eyes almost popping, she went after ‘Dite again. Aphrodite, wanting to be heard and not wishing to be lifted again zapped Eris, chaining her in Hephestian metal to a chair.

“Look, calm down okay and I’ll let ya onto what’s going on. Don’t you find it strange that Cupid would just up and get together with that slut? Or how about the fact that he doesn’t remember Strife, his husband and mother to his babies? Or the fact that he hasn’t said a word about the kids yet or checked up on them at all today?”

Now that Eris was forced to calm down, she did think that was pretty weird. “Somethings up with him and we gotta work together to figure this out, alright?”

“Fine. Now get me outa this thing.” ‘Dite zapped the chains and chair away and they did their own planning on how to get rid of Psyche, find out what was wrong with Cupid, get their kids back together, and talk about the babies (grandkids).

* * * *

Joxer walked along the path to one of Ares temples, hoping he would be able to get the damn sticker off of his forehead. The temple he was going towards was of course made of dark stone. The whole God of War deal made the black a necessity. Ares told him that nobody would respect him if he made his temple out of say… yellow stones instead. He told him that after that time Joxer accidentally turned one of his temples neon yellow. It was so bright it could be seen 5 miles away.

Yup. Stuff like that happened a lot but luckily nobody got mad at him. Not like Xena and Gabby do. He pouted. Jett gets to be all dangerous and deadly cuz he was God of Gore and Murder, while Jayce was God of Merriment and Laughter and he’s great at hosting parties and stuff. Joxer was God of Redemption and Innocence. He stumbled around, cause weird stuff to happen, and everybody wants to cuddle him. Well make that almost everybody in his family anyway. When they became regular immortals ( A rule. Every God has to go out into the world without their powers in order to learn about the mortal people when they’ve reached 200 years old. They have to stay and do everything the mortal way, including following their justice, for up to 10 years. Special rules may apply for the last part.) he could catch sight of his dad Cupid following him around. He never thought his dad would actually hide in a bush. The prickly leaves musta done a number on his wings. It was pretty obvious. He made some of the bandits that had attacked him to fall in love with a deer, a horse, and each other. One fell in love with Joxer, chased him around, and that was when Cupid had to come outa his hiding place and beat the guy to death.

Shacking his head at the unfairness of it all, Joxer stumbled along the path to Ares. Inside the temple was pretty spooky. It wasn’t like Ares’s nice temple on Olympus. Joxer almost jumped outa his skin as two arms enfolded him from behind and a laugh sounded in his ears. “Ares! You almost scared me to death.”

“You must know that I would never allow anything to happen to you. Especially in my own temple?” He turned Joxer around and claimed his long awaited kiss.

All was right in the quiet temple. If anyone had happened to walk by they would have heard the heavy breathing and moaning of two reunited lovers involved in heavy petting and kissing. Then everything was shattered by the yell of “What is that thing on your forehead!!!!!”

The two Goddesses had decided to take a break from planning so that Aphrodite wouldn’t get wrinkle lines from worrying and so that Eris would go on a rampage (calm down). They were currently going through the triplet’s baby portraits when ‘Dite got her great idea.

“Like duh! Why didn’t we think of this earlier? We can bug that cow with stories and piccies of our cutie pies here. I totally think that she doesn’t know about the sweeties yet!”

“And why would this turn her off?”

“You have to spend more time in the mortal world besides the whole torturing people gig. Mortal women don’t like taking care of kids that aren’t theirs! And we know for a fact that they are totally weird but ya know, I bet she’s just too stuck up to think Cupie was with someone else besides her. She sooo doesn’t look like the maternal type either and you know how important they are to Cupie.”

“Yeah well he certainly aint showing it now is he.” She sneered.

“Like will you lighten up? I already told you! Hello! Something is majorly wrong with Cupie.”

“Fine. I’ll believe you. For now.”

* * * * *

“Oh woohoo! Psyche!”

“Oh Aphrodite! Or should I call you Mom! What are you doing here? Don’t you have orgies to plan, or couples to unite?” Psyche managed to simper and sound irritated at the same time, totally ignoring the angry Goddess of Discord.

“What gave you that idea? Aphrodite never lets go of a chance to but into the featherhead’s life. You’ll see so much of your mommy dearest, you’d wish you were dead.” Eris and ‘Dite each came to one side of Psyche and forced her, gently, over to a couch. They both ignored the panicky look that had appeared on her face when they had told her about the Goddess of Love’s interest in her baby boys’ life.

“Like Eris and I were just going through some piccies and I had the greatest idea of giving you some of the info on the family.” Aphrodite smiled her patenent bubble headed smile.

Psyche suddenly got a relieved look on her face, “Look! There’s Cupid!”

“Cupie!” Aphrodite called out. “I found some of the triplet’s baby pictures.” He beamed and hurried over.

“Triplets, Cupid? Are they some more cousins of yours?”

“Psyche, you don’t know ‘bout the triplets?” laugh, “Cupie! I can’t believe you didn’t tell her.” The Love Goddess was startled to say the least. Cupid would never forget them, he always took the opportunity to tell all ‘bout how they were. Even Eris smelled something fishy in all this. Cupid had a confused look on his face.

“I’m sorry Psyche. I have no idea what came over me these days. The triplets are my sons. You’d love them! Mom, Eris, Strife, and Hera spoil them rotten.” The two Goddesses looked at Psyche and were pleased to see her smile looking strained.

“Of course I’d love the little darlings to death.”

“Great! You can see some of the pictures of them!” ‘Dite squealed. Eris picked out one of her favorite pictures of a six years old looking Jett.

“Look. This is when Jett got his first dagger! I gave that to him. That boy has a talent when it comes to sharp objects.”

“Like, this is Jayce! His first try at color changing! Isn’t he a genius? He even matched the cat’s underbelly fur with the indigo tail and the moca ears. He invented several colors that day. And this is Joxer! Isn’t he a sweetie? He’s holding his favorite stuff teddy Pudgy.” It went on and on from there. Psyche’s eyes started to glaze over and the two Goddesses snorted. The empty headed idiot couldn’t even sit through a telling of all the cute stories of the kids when they were babies!

A few hours later, they were finally interrupted. The little captured moments of the life of the barley able to walk triplets were playing on the mirrors, with a naked Joxer and Jett crawling around and Cupid chasing them and a half dressed Jayce.

The God of War flashed in with a wiggling Joxer thrown over his shoulder. “Alright! Were is Strife!”

All was quiet until Joxer caught sight of the mirror, “Aw man! How embarrassing!”


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